Host Family Letter

Dear  Host Family,
                First I want to thank you very much for thinking about choosing me to be a part of your family for one year. My name is Sandra Małoszycka. I live in Poland. My hometown is Żelistrzewo, I lived there for 8 years. Since 2002 I live in Bolszewo (in single-family house.). I live here with my parents and two sisters. Also we have a dog. I go to high school. I'm on the profile of the language. I will finish school in May.
                My hobby is photography, roller skating, ice-skating and cycling. I learned a bit of skiing. Furthermore I played on the guitar for  5 years.  In my free time I meet with my friends or spend this time with my family. They are very important for me. In the evening I go for a walk with our dog(Sonia – it is her name)  and sometimes I go running with my friend.  In the future I want to be a teacher.
                 Now I want write you why should you choose me as your au pair. I love children and spending time with them.  I’m very cheerful ,creative, hard-working, helpful, and positive girl. I’m responsible and reliable person. I also quickly make contact with children. I know that they like spend time with me. I passed drive exam on November  5th, 2012 . I am tolerant,  so color of your skin or religion which you practice is not any problem for me.  Furthermore I can promise I will care about your children like about my sisters, cousins or other children. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I can teach them how to ride on rollers and bicycle, if they cannot yet. Also, I can help them with study and homework. I like playing in others games with children. I have experience in bringing up them .
                Now  I will write something about my childcare experience. For a long time I was an only child and I wanted to have a sibling. At last when I was 8 years my sister, Nikola came into the world. Now she is ten years old. Then I became the happiest kid in the world. The beginning was difficult because I had to get used to the new situation. With time, more and more I was responsible sister. Also, I had to help my mom when my dad was at work. My parents ran a shop and then my dad came home in the evening. I learned how to change nappies, prepare her special milk (she was allergic to breast milk), sometimes bathed her  with my mom and slept her in my arms. Often I went out with her for a walk. When she was older, I played with her in a variety of fun,  I went with her to the playground, painted, built castles with blocks. I tried to be the best sister.
                When I was 12 years old, my second sister Zuzanna came into the world. Now she is six. I was very happy. I was older and more responsible. When she was 10 months my dad went to work abroad. Then I had to quickly mature and help my mother. The holidays and weekends often stayed with my sisters at home and took care of them. Mum could trust me. This situation meant that I became fully responsible and independent.  In last year, I learned Zuzanna to ride a bike and Nikola skating. Every day I help my sisters with their homework and  sometimes I drive pick them up from school.
                Furthermore  3 years ago Marzena (family friend) gave birth to a boy. I took care of him on weekends and holidays when his parents worked. I spent with him 8 hours per day. I lived in their house for a period exceeding three months, because my house is 30 kilometers from their house. I learned him to walk . It was a pleasure for me. We watched cartoons. When he was older  He liked to play with the barber and he always do my hair funny or I him. I prepared meals, bathed him and sang them to sleep.  He is so wonderful child.
                Next children are Patryk (2 years  9 months)  and Kuba (7,5 years old). They are siblings. We lived in the same neighborhood. In Saturdays or Sundays, when their father was in work and mum went to shopping or work I stay with boys in their home and helped  to do Kuba’s  homework. Also, I had to prepare feed. We always played in different games. When the weather was nice we were playing football on the outside. They are very crazy and funny. They liked painting and reading stories by me.
                Next child is Nikodem. He came into the world on August  13th, 2012. From September to November I took care of him every Saturday for 6 hours because his mom went to the course. I had to feed him, change nappies, dress up and put to sleep. Sometimes, when the sun was shining I went out with him for a short walk.
                The year in the USA is definitely a huge chance for me and will be an unforgettable adventure. I’ll can get to know new cultures and new people. During this year I can improve my English and do some eduacational courses ( it would look very good in my CV in the future). I can gain an unique experience. I am sure that contact with people, who live in other culture, will be interesting. I want to see a Thanksgiving with my own eyes, or real Halloween with a lot of pumpkins and children, who knock to my door saying "treat or trick" ( I think it is really cute) or Groundhog Day.  I would like to go to the USA at the end of the June 2013 or at the beginning of July. I want to spend a nice time with cheerful people in a family atmosphere and improve my English. Now you have a little view in my life and me. So if you are interested in my person, contact me and ask about everything, what you want to know. I promise be a good Au-pair.

I hope to hear from you soon,
Sandra : )           


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  1. Hej Słońce! Przeczytałam całego bloga od deski do deski, zbieram informacje i czerpię inspiracje. Sama też marzę o wyjeździe jako au pairka w przyszłym roku po obronie licencjata (aj hołp soł!). Powodzenia w USA i pisz posty częściej! czekam z niecierpliwością!

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